8 November 2010

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7 November 2010

Page 2 - sketch

Page 1 - sketch

Storyboard finished :D

The storyboard is finished . now it´s time to start doing things seriously!!

12 HOURS comics marathon - 7 november

Hallo everyone!

As the last three years I am going to sit and draw live NO-STOP, but since I couldn´t do it last months - I was busy with my photo exibhition (for those of you who have facebook some pix are online at Spirit of vargie ), which went very good, since there is rumors about the fact that we found an editor.. - I am doing it today!

It will start in half an hour, and you will be able to follow me in streaming on Justin, to listen to the music I listen, write to me on the chat, when I watch at it, and so on!

This will be superfun! See you at 12:00 (norwegian time)!

Watch live video from vargie's channel on Justin.tv