26 October 2008

24 HCD work in progress

This I forgot XD

The white moose 2

the white moose

Some updates :)
My comic is going to be published in Denmark!! yippii!!!
I painted an acrylic witch for Halloween, you can see her below. I think I´m going better and better, and I am so proud of myself!! Of course I know that much is to do yet, but the way is right!
The second news is: I did see a WHITE MOOSE!! Yes, you´ve read right, I actually saw it :) I have posted a video on youtube, I´ll link it later. It was beautiful, big and an atmosphere of magic surrounded it. I think Halloween is a special period, even if dead people are around us the whole year, during these sad days I do feel their presence, and feel like dedicating them some of my thoughts. Have an eternal sleep, my dears.

Today I had chorus seminar, a whole day with my friend of the chorus, singing and training for our shows. I enjoy very very much, and I feel my voice is getting better.
Have a good sunday.

20 October 2008

My deviantart - see my comics here!

Hi guys! If you want to see the whole comics, how did it actually look like, follow the link of my deviantart, and then, in my gallery, brows the folder: 24HCD.



forza napoli!!!!!!!

19 October 2008


Tutte le tavole!

I have finished, so this is my work!
I hope you like it, please leave a comment :)

Later today I will properly scan them, in the right order too ;) but now - let me go and sleep!!
Have a good day!


Video intermedio - colorazione ombre



storyboard 24 HCD

6 Pages

12 pages finished!!

I have finished to draw

Ho finito le matite!!!

Ok ho fatto tutte le matite!!
Adesso - caffè e poi inchiostri!!

17 October 2008


Will it go like this?? I hope not, but I'm a little sceptic about...

Dear myself, don't betray me, please, not this time. I promise that you will got a lot of chocolate, and some candy too, and I will bring you to the sea, to have a romantic walk in the sunset. Of course the 20th, because the 19th you will sleeeeeeeeep so fu**in' good!!

You know what?