26 October 2008

Some updates :)
My comic is going to be published in Denmark!! yippii!!!
I painted an acrylic witch for Halloween, you can see her below. I think I´m going better and better, and I am so proud of myself!! Of course I know that much is to do yet, but the way is right!
The second news is: I did see a WHITE MOOSE!! Yes, you´ve read right, I actually saw it :) I have posted a video on youtube, I´ll link it later. It was beautiful, big and an atmosphere of magic surrounded it. I think Halloween is a special period, even if dead people are around us the whole year, during these sad days I do feel their presence, and feel like dedicating them some of my thoughts. Have an eternal sleep, my dears.

Today I had chorus seminar, a whole day with my friend of the chorus, singing and training for our shows. I enjoy very very much, and I feel my voice is getting better.
Have a good sunday.

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