13 September 2018

My exhibition opens tomorrow!

..and yeah I'm so excited!

To be different is a gift!

Her er linken til interjuet med Demokraten: HER


The Art of never Fitting in.

To be different is a gift, to think with your own head is an enrichment - this believes photographer Anna Maria Gentili.
By: Arne Børresen
On friday afternoon the 42 years old italian photographer will open her new exhibition "The Art of never fitting inn" in her atelier "Den Lille Gale" (The Little Crazy Thing"), in the Dunkejon garden. Here she'll translate with pictures she shot herself how is it to live outside of the mainstream. society.

Homophiles and "wrong" proportions.

– I think of myself like a little crazy. I've got my opinions, hate the small-talk, I don't care about mainstream fashion and often other people think I'm strange.
That's why I believ I'm perfect for this project - says the italian who moved to Norway for twelve years ago.
– What do you mean by the title of the project?
– I've got pictures of eleven persons, eight women and three men, and everyone of them has experienced what is like to be different. We talk about homophily, about having a body which someone calls "wrong" but that actually is amazing and perfect just as it is, and someone who had a difficult past. One of my model for eksemple is a journalist who's been accused to enjoy documenting sad and tragic histories. We've got no A4 people here!

Photography and therapy

Anna Maria Gentili is not a newby in the art of photography. She had exhibitions in different lands and has been active since schooldays, back in Italy.
-I got my first camera when I was eleven years old, and I've develodep a strong belief for the voice of the picture. I've never taken photojobs, it would be like I had to censore myself. I don't want photography to be a "job", it would be boring and burocratic. Taking pictures is a kind of therapy for me, an exit where I come in a world where feelings and ideas can finally run free.

On friday the 14th the exhibition will open its doors. From 18:00 o'clock Francesca Tullio will take us to a spiritual music trip to show us the beauty of being yourself