7 December 2008

Kl.4 - I did reach to ink 5 pages out of 8 :) Goin to bed

This is what I reached to draw when the clock said STOP!! It was much worst then the 24 hours marathon, too much to do, too little time :) I am ging to be finished tomorrow, however..
Or whatever, hope you like all the stuff, and my performance :D
Hope you enjoyed the broadcast, I did, and even my stuffed animals did it. My boyfriend is sleeping - hallo!! it´s soon 5 in the morning!! - and soon I am going too.
Please leave a comment, but don´t do it too.
See you tomorrow for the complete work (scanned and beautiful). Have a good night!!

P.s. To see the whole performance: http://www.justin.tv/vargie/archive


ino said...

hola te escribo desde mis cosas que es mi blog, y tu sales como seguidora, ¿Hablas Español? con mucho afecto y hasta otra.

Vampírum-Pável said...

Nice drawings, greetings from México.
Visit me again.