20 October 2012

24 hours comics day 2012 - 20. october 2012

So, the day has come again.

Every year I sit here and draw for 24 hours without pauses, and this to be a part of this world event, to be a part of this movement who strong support comics.

Not everyone love comics.

Someone thinks they're for children, some thinks they're just as easy as a picture to watch.
I could not live without. I love both to read them and to watch the drawings, and I love to be surprised each time thinking: wow how could this person draw so much and so well?!

The 24 hours comics day is my own way to say: I love comics! I love drawing as well, even if my stile is very simple.

So: see you later today on my webcam! 

1 comment:

VARGIE said...

I love comics too, so i support thee...HAIL!!! : D