7 July 2015

Jazzit Fest 2015 - ENG

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Here I am, again.

More than ten years ago, and for just a few months, I lived here, in Collescipoli, this little village on the top af a hill, just outside my hometown, Terni. Collescipoli is a nice, small place, I believe it's inhabitate by around three hundred people, and during these days I came to understand how little I actually knew about it.

For the third time this summer this village has been filled up with jazz. That's quite unbelievable, but actually not so strange if you think about this: it's the result of the fulfilling of a wonderful dream.
Because, you know: people in Italy can still have a dream, and fight for it, even when everything seem so hard to achieve.

So this is the story of a pair of brothers, who have this dream and are surrounded by a bunch of people who want to believe that dreams can actually become reality, if you fight hard enough. Collescipoli is the place where everyone believed that they could help those few people, maybe just a little, so that that dream could have become a fantastic reality for everyone. And guess what? It did!

So welcome to Jazzit Fest, a three days of jazz, concerts, seminars, workshops and conferences. Everything spread around this little village, with no money coming in from any culture fond, or the local politicians, but entirely based on crowdfonding, and sharing of other goods. People from all around came in with food, drinks, water, rooms to lend and the most of the youngs in the village was helping around as volunteers. When I arrived there I asked for the festival office, and a little child armed by his "staff pass" showed me the way through the small streets, and he thougth that was extreme fun. Old women was just sitting around, and they loved to tell stories, just like when I asked the way to the Old Monastery, and one of them told me the way. "There were plans to have a University in there, you know Young woman", she said, "but they took it from us!" and she lifted her little, wrinkled fist in the air.

And there I was, thrown right in the middle of a Fellini movie.

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