30 January 2010

Angoulême day two

So, yesterday was a day full of things to do and see. i was awake around 8:00, and some pigeons was sitting on the roof, singing thier quiet songs. Incredibly enough it had started to snow outside, and they told me that's unusual. the family I was staying at had made me some breakfast, and I could talk a little with another guest, a boy from Armenia who's realizing some animations.

When I got outside I started wondering about buying an umbrella, but I chose to buy a hat istead, and a big, warm, violet poncho, to wrap myself and my camera in.

Then I went around and watch exhibitions, I went to the museum of comics, I stared in the eyes of the bronze statue of Corto Maltese, I buyed myslef the third volume of the french comic artist Maliki, and I walked a lot. As I told you yesterday, Angoulême seems to be built on a mountain, and all the streets seem to go up.

I had no mobile, yesterday, so I just went around in the different palaces and sites where all the exhibition were, not talking at all. A lot of people was around, so I had to wait to get myself inside many of the places.

Then I went home. I sat and had a cup of coffee with the family, so I went to the station - which seemed to be a sad place, wet by melted snow and rain, lots of people leaving it to go back to their homes, with their bags full with comics - and I travelled to Limoges again.

Limoges was dark and empty. The taxy drove me to the hotel airport, and I sat long at the window staring at the frozen swimming pool in the garden. The fog was hiding anything else, and no flight was leaving. In an hour I will be on my way to London. Finally. I didn't like to be here.

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