30 January 2010

Angoulême day one - part two

Now I am back in my room.
Going around in the town which was exploding with life was emotioning, and I wonder if it's like that the whole year around. All restaurants, cafès, pubs was full with people, so I felt extremely lucky when I finally found a little place which fitted me and my taste.
The restaurant was very little, it is called La cuisine du Grand Mère and I stopped there because the first course on the todays menu was legumes soup. And I do love legumes soup. The only available table was very little, and it was just close to the big window, so I could see outside, and enjoy people walking around. The evening was very sweet, so the street was truly alive.

The soup was very good, served with just some slices of bread and a glass of white wine, sparkling just a little bit. Then I ordered a plate with some cheeses and that was incredible too. A fruit salad as dessert made the dinner a wonderful experience, and the girl who was working there never stopped to smile me, even if she could talk just a little english.

I went and take a coffee around midnight, at the Cafè Chaud, where I met my "internet" friend, Marco. I'm always a little scared to meet people in real life, they use to be, what should I say, different. So I could never have imagined he is instead so nice to be together with, not arrogant at all, he made me felt as if we knew eachother since long, loooooong time, a thing that does not happen very often. He had bought himself a new hat, green with skin stripes, and I got that precious address, so I m going to take a look at the hat shop. I love hats too, u know.

While having dinner I studied the program, and the list of exhibitions, so I am ready to explore the whole festival. And I have not so much time, tomorrow, because I must reach the last train at 19:00 for Limoges, where I have no idea what to do. they say is a beautiful town. I hope so.

have a beautiful night, my friends.

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