29 January 2010

Angoulême day one

I am finally here. The trip has been long and the weather terrible. Going out at the Limoges airport it was snowing, so I had to laugh at all my thoughts about the warm France. I took a little old train, which reached Angoulême in about two hours. That is not little if you think it was just 80 km.

First thing I had to do when I set foot in the town was sit me down, take a warrrm tea and, even if it was not planned, a crème brûlée. I had nearly forgot how much I love it, with that thin hard slide of caramel on top.

Then I was ready to conquer the world!
Reaching the accreditation point was easy, but I surprised myself wondering if any street I took HAD to go up, especially because I was still carrying around my bag.

Now I will take a look at the program for tomorrow, and then I will reach my room, as told me, after 17:00. Got a conference at 19:00.

I will find some little place to eat dinner - and maybe my crème brûlée number two - and then I will go to sleep. In a bed. That's not bad at all.

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