31 October 2017

Desucon - Cosplay Convention in Oslo

Hi everyone!

So autumn is here and as every year it's time for some cosplay convention. I don't do cosplay myself but I believe its very inspiring. I admire people who dedicate most of their free time to sew and design their own outfit, sometime they teach themselves to do it. That's wonderful!

These last years has cosplay started to bloom in Norway too. I didn't believe it could have worked here, but I didn't count the strengt of the syncretism.

Yes, the syncretism between the old, good established norwegian traditions wich melts extremely too good with the art of the cosplay. Every cosplayer designs and then sews his or her costume on their own, and they often use old pieces of old fabric or rusted metal parts from old machines to fix the costumes, and here in Norway it's nowaday very popular with knitting, sewing, diy and re-design, so the ground is ready to be sawed.

However what's particular in Norway is the "Janteloven", a sort of an unwritten law (oh well, it's written in a book. A danish book. And it was actually ment sarcastically) which stops people from excelling, but lead them to humility instead. Norwegians are terrified by the idea of excelling in something, and if they accidentally do they know they have soon to show their weak side, to be accepted back in the community. So there's not so many who actually take cosplaying seriously. The most part of them take it as a game.

The Cosplay Catwalk at Desucon is not a competition, everyone can walk it, jump, dance alone or in gorups. The Cosplay battle is just for fun too. The moves are improvised, the battle are unlikely to happen, even in the fantasy world these characters live in, but above all: there's no winner here either.

Then there's the Cosplay Contest, the real one. Not many people had actually applied and, with a few exceptions, they hadn't prepare a proper show. Someone had done it though, and I truly believe they had done a good job.

So Christina Erring was chosen as a winner, and she will represent Norway in London next year. She was wearing an awesome Diablo 3 Wizard costume and her performance was both funny and entertaining.

So here is some more pictures. See you soon!

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