22 January 2018

Here we go with my new project!

I am going to start a new project, in February. I am going to fight for everyone's right to stop acting, just to fit in. I never fit in, I never had, but I never cared, actually. I know that many, especially young people, have a hard time trying to fit in.

But guess what? There's no reason to try, you don't need to!
We are NOT alike, so why should we try to become a constrained copy of each other?

I feel this extremely strong here in Norway, I will explain you in detail soon. Now I've gathered 11 strong and brave persons who'll be my models for the project, and I am extremely excited to see how this will go. I will update my blog once in a while to hold you up to date with the project, and just feel free to send me tips and ideas.

Exhibitions will follow, both in Norway and in Italy, so you'll be able to come and see my work in real life, and not just online.

Stay tuned, then, and wish me luck!

And for God's sake: be yourself, always.

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